About Sunny Homes

About Sunny Homes

About Sunny Homes

Many years of experience - our service is your savings

In Germany, we have been active in the real estate industry since 1990 - especially in the asset class of single-family and multi-family houses. The focus was on good residential areas, attractive and contemporary architecture. This is still true today.

Our company "Sunny Side of Life, S.L.", on the other hand, independently takes care of exciting new projects in Mallorca. The focus of Sunny Homes is on the construction of rural villas, so-called Fincas Rústicas, in the south and southeast of Mallorca. Sunny Homes is responsible for the acquisition, development, turnkey construction and marketing. You are welcome to visit us personally on site to discuss your concerns regarding real estate in Mallorca.

Planning and building a house is a big challenge. In addition to good and conscientious planning, taking into account all the complex regulations and laws required today, good contacts with all the experts involved, such as planning offices and architects, as well as the authorities, are essential.

All projects are state-of-the-art, ecologically and economically optimized and are built in solid construction.

Individual planning and consideration of individual needs are what set us apart.

The more conscientiously and better all planning for building a house is prepared, the smoother the construction itself will go later on. This saves time and money.

When can we work for YOU?

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