Technologies & Concepts

Technologies & Concepts

Technologies & Concepts

Visions of the future for the coming decade

In the coming years, further technologies and concepts for real estate will be developed and established. In this context, we are already dealing with topics such as co-ownership, blockchain and the tokenization of real estate, artificial intelligence, energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and smart homes.

These technologies and concepts are groundbreaking perspectives and these innovative models offer enormous potential.

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  1. Marketing and use of the houses also in the form of co-ownership. Co-ownership allows the "ownership" and regular use of a high-quality, in this case newly built villa, with the advantage that all costs are shared among the users and the house is not vacant for a long period of time. For the first time, co-ownership makes it possible for people to become shareholders and not just beneficial owners, as is the case with time-sharing of a property.

    A study by EY found that one in four Germans owns holiday properties:

    You can also read our information on the topic of "co-ownership".

  2. Tokenization of real estate with the help of blockchain

    Financing via a crowdfunding portal with non-tokenized shares (in fiat currencies such as euros or US dollars) and tokenized shares (based on cryptocurrencies). The tokenization of real estate via blockchain enables the division of property into digital shares, which are represented as tokens. These can be easily traded and transferred, increasing liquidity and democratizing access to real estate investing. The technology provides transparency, security, and efficiency through the immutable record of transactions and ownership.

    SH Investor Dashboard

  3. The new smart home standard "Matter" offers the potential to simplify the use of smart home technologies and make them more accessible. Matter enables smart home devices from different brands to communicate seamlessly with each other. This means that users are no longer limited to products from a single manufacturer. All Matter-certified devices are compatible with each other. For example, all devices such as heating, air conditioning, garden irrigation, robotic lawnmowers, lights, alarm system, video surveillance, etc. can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone at a fraction of the cost. This will also increase the value of the properties. Houses without smart home functionality, on the other hand, are "old buildings".

  4. Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the real estate industry through automation and data analysis, making the search processes, planning, realization, and sale of real estate more efficient. AI algorithms can learn from vast amounts of data to predict market trends, find suitable properties for clients, and create real-time property valuations. In the planning stage, AI supports by optimising building designs in terms of energy efficiency and use of space. During the implementation phase, AI can take over project management tasks, improve cost monitoring, and mitigate risks. When it comes to sales, AI enables a personalized customer experience through automated communication and virtual tours. In summary, AI has the potential to make the real estate market more transparent, accessible, and efficient.

  5. The self-sufficiency of real estate through the use of renewable energies and sustainable construction methods promotes an independent, environmentally friendly way of life. Solar technology, wind energy and geothermal energy enable self-sufficiency in electricity and heat, reduce CO2 emissions and minimise energy costs. Rainwater harvesting systems and thermal insulation made of ecological materials further increase efficiency. Intelligent building technology optimises energy consumption. These approaches contribute to a resilient, self-sufficient existence, reduce the cost of living in the long term and conserve resources. This creates sustainable, future-proof living spaces that make a positive contribution to environmental protection and increase the quality of life.

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